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CRC is a consultancy which offers independent, specialist advice to IT Managers throughout the UK. Our experienced consultants advise on infrastructure matters relating to power protection – UPS Systems, Generators, Air Conditioning, Power Distribution, Fire Suppression, Lighting & Security – for either your Computer Room, Server Room, Comms Room or Data Centre. Our expertise lies in recommending current best practice standards, advising on ways of eliminating single points of
failure and increasing resilience.

With over 20 year’s experience, CRC consultants will carry out a thorough audit of your systems. Drawing on both practical experience and extensive knowledge, we work with a wide range of Multinational and Public Sector clients.

Whether you’re planning a new Data Centre, building a DR Room or simply wish to upgrade your current Server Room – call CRC now – our service ranges from simple status surveys, to technical specification preparation and even project management.

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Giving you the power to perform

With growing concerns that the national grid will not be able to meet rapidly increasing power usage over the coming years, the government is suggesting there may be widespread planned, yet extended, power failures across the country.

There is only one way to deal with extended mains power failure. CRC will advise on the best solution to keep your business operational.

This is fast becoming a more visible business priority for most businesses often forming part of the business continuity plan. Given the increasing importance that IT has to play within the commercial environment together with a move to an around-the-clock economy, protecting your company’s data and infrastructure in the event of disaster is absolutely critical for most organisations. CRC will guide IT managers through each and every consideration to find the most effective strategy.

These are probably two of the biggest threats to your facility and there are numerous ways to mitigate the risk. At CRC our consultants will provide detailed recommendations in line with British & European standards so these destructive forces are avoided.

This can seriously affect the services you offer. Resilient solutions offered by CRC include parallel UPS Systems, redundant Air Conditioning, failsafe back-up Generators and Multiple Power Supply options. Current best practice advice for `Tier 2’, `Tier 3’ or higher uptime will also provide greater levels of protection.

In tough economic times, more and more organisations look to make significant cost savings whilst increasing levels of protection for their infrastructure. At CRC our consultants will steer you through the considerations to the most effective policy for your business.